Saturday, October 13, 2018

Moving With Ease

When moving locations, it is important to have a few key elements under your belt to move accurately. A few of the elements are packing smartly, loading smartly, and unloading smartly. However, many people who move may not know this and they just throw their things around and wonder why it broke by the time they reached their new destination. Therefore, in order to help you understand how to follow these few key elements, there is a short brief below to make the move easier.

Packing Smartly
As you all know, there are ways to pack your belongings in an orderly fashion that will keep your stuff in the same condition it was in prior to it being moved. When you pack in cardboard boxes, you will need to make sure that your stuff is not packed too heavy. A cardboard box is not meant to be a stainless steel crate that you can load down. They can break with ease if your stuff is not packed the smartest. For example, if you have a large stack of dishes, and some pots and pans, it is smarter to separate the dishes and pans to a few cardboard boxes and then add some plastic ware on top, instead of all the dishes in one box. This will ultimately help you disperse the weight of the items and make the boxes easier to handle and lift. Another smart option would be to mark each cardboard box, so when you are unloading you have an idea of what is located in that box, making it easier to separate the rooms as you are unpacking them. To top this off, it helps with any potential damages that could occur, it can make sure you have your delicate items loaded last, and unloaded first.

Loading Smartly
This brings us to the next step of moving with ease. Loading your moving truck or vehicle in a smarter fashion. As you start to move around your home, most people realize that there are heavier items that may take some help loading. If you are doing this by yourself, it is smarter to always remember to load your belongings in a dispersed weight factor. For example, if you have a stove, fridge, and a bed, load the items first before the boxes, but place them in the right areas of the truck. You will want to disperse the weight throughout the truck, versus loading them all together. This will help with moving easier because the weight will not be localized but dispersed throughout the truck. This helps with the safety of your items as well. As you are packing up your truck, make sure to put larger level items on the sides of the truck rather than on top of boxes. This again helps with the stability of the move. Think of the moving truck like Tetris, load in a smart fashion, but make sure each side has the same distributed weight.

Unloading Smartly
Once you reach your destination, unloading can be overwhelming. However, the easiest way to unpack a truck is to try to remember how it was loaded. The fastest way to unload a truck is to go in reverse on how you loaded it. For example, if you loaded the small boxes of a sewing kit last, that might be the first thing you get when you start to unload. You will eventually get to the sewing matching located at the bottom of the truck, but because it is packed smartly, and loaded correctly, you will know right, where it is if it was marked correctly. Marking your boxes will help ensure unloading will be easier to accomplish. It will also help your friends, family or professional movers to know what and where to put the box, as they are unloading.

Final Thoughts
In conclusion, following the few key elements above will help your move be easier and smoother. To top that off it will be less stressful throughout the move. Just remember to ask for help if moving is too much, that is why there are companies out there, they want you and your stuff to stay safe, you do not always have to do it alone. If you remember to pack smarter, load smarter, and unload smarter, you will be enjoying your new place with ease.

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